Address bar command line

":!" ( or "!") command line

Pressing ":" or "!" with hardware keyboard sets focus on the address bar.
The command line could be a ".js", ".sh" or other executable with arguments. Ex. ":!s g keyword" could invoke "s.js" executable with the whole string as arguments ("" or "s" if file exists, here "g" as google search engine); ":! g keyword" would invoke the file ".js" or ".sh" as executable.

For regular (non-js) executables, the standard output of the command line could be treated as lines of urls (or html, plain text).

Install the example file ".js" (supporting search engine bundle)
Install the example file ""

Click the following links to make commands appear in address bar, then press "enter" to execute:
Make uweb configuration folder accessible by file managers with termux installed
(File manager list at end of the page)

Address bar command modes

Commands are the best for repeated execution of an instruction. Address bar command modes provide ways to run different commands in the same category easily.

The configure file "default.acmd" has the exactly same format as default.cmds. Click the following links to install new modes (cold start the app to take effect, then long click the "refresh" button to switch modes):

Shell command mode

GNU bc (basic calculator) command mode (need termux for Android 10- )

GNUPlot plot (2D function), needs uweb adapted termux & gnuplot

GNUPlot plot (3D function), needs uweb adapted termux & gnuplot

Last Modified: 2 April 2024
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