Offline resources

Offline resources locate in the folder "sitecache". With the option "use offline resources" enabled, the corresponding files in "sitecache/[domain name]/[full path including filename, the url path part]" are loaded first before reaching the network.

Serverless local sites

Click to install url service that extracts web apps to the folder "sitecache/local/": support web extensions (.crx for chrome & .xpi for firefox).

Any folder under "sitecache" can be visited as a local site. Urls with search queries can be dynamically processed by the js/wasm code in the local file.

PWAs (Progresssive Web Applications) and some web extensions (.crx for chrome & .xpi for firefox) are just packaged websites. Ex. the "kiwix" extension can be extracted to the folder "sitecache/local/kiwix"1, then the kiwix extension can be accessed via url "https://local/kiwix/www/index.html#" in the browser.

  1. the folder name "local" is used as the domain name in the url. ↩︎

Last Modified: 8 April 2024
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