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The file "default.select" defines text processing menus for selected text. If no text is selected, the menu item operates on the whole page. Each line of the file has the following format:
[Name]:[mimetype]:[command line]

[mimetype] specifies input/output for [command line].
It formats as "[input mimetype]/[output mimetype]".
[input mimetype] can be the following:

[output mimetype] is same as the one defined in "Commands".

checked.js: Evaluate checked.js and return value as standard input for the command line. For any file url ending with "/", optionally append "?[prefix][[postfix]]". For example, "file:///sdcard/?.png" lists all .png files under the folder "/sdcard". Select files and process them with checked.js(such as "copy to PC" as the later example).

default.select sample file:
copy2addressbar:/uweb:printf i:15;cat
copy2PCClipboard::ssh [user:password]@ "DISPLAY=:0 xsel -i"
richtext2PCClipboard:html:ssh [user:password]@ "DISPLAY=:0 xsel -i"
copyFiles:checked.js:while read fname;do scp $fname [user:password]@; done

Here we assume that the user PC has IP address as "".
To use ssh or scp, users need to install uweb compatible Termux provided on the uweb apk download page, and install openssl under termux (apt install openssl).
PCs need command "xsel" available to operate on copy/paste.

Last Modified: 2 April 2024
add js function in README