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install tdict_local (search with local indexes and remote content)

Click to install the following local indexes with corresponding search engines (for test only).
install the indexes for "American heritage dictionary (en-en&zh with AHD/D.J./K.K. pronunciation)"
Install AHD to home screen

Indexes for "研究社新編英和活用大辞典(English usage: en-en&ja)"
Install "English usage (en-en&ja)"

Indexes for SOED6
install SOED

The following dictionaries work better with markdown processor.
Install markdown processor
Indexes for "Merriam Webster International Unabridged"
Install MWI

Indexes for ODE3
Install ODE3

Indexes for OED
Install OED

Indexes for "Encyclopedia Britannica"
Install "Encyclopedia Britannica"

Last Modified: 2 April 2024
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