Html5 applications

This page is for uweb browser.
Click to install the following html5 apps:
Huge markdown file viewer
Huge markdown+katex file viewer (Tex formulas)
Huge markdeep file viewer (markdown, latex, diagram,graphviz etc.)
plyr video player
dplayer video player
pdf viewer
epub reader (author:llili)
djvu viewer

The corresponding menus can be installed with url services.


The following mentioned subfolders locate in the configuration folder.

With the first approach, the html5 application is installed locally and can read any file allowed by the OS; while in the second approach, the html5 application can be either local or remote, and only files under the subfolder "app" can be accessed; The third approach allows easy access of other external resources (ex. local media).

Open local files with html5 apps

Click to configure default.filecap to open local files, and to open remote files with the option "custom file handling":
use pdf.js,djvu.js,epub.js, huge markdown viewer for local files

url examples are as follows:

Ex. "#offset=10000&500" will retrieve 500 bytes from offset 10000. Click the right arrow button to next page in all above file viewers.

Configure html5 app subfolder "app" (optional)

By default, the subfolder "app" is created by clicking to install any of above html5 applications.

To make file management easier, users can symbolic link the subfolder "app" to any other locations as long as it is readable.

One way to configure "app" subfolder is as follows:

mdict dictionary lookup search engines:

Note: the following two mdict.html files are different.

in which "/.../xxx.mdx,xxx.mdd" is the full path for the mdict dictionary files.


In the above mdict search engine string, the dictionary files (mdx, mdd) must locate in the "app" subfolder under the configuration folder. In above example, the files "xxx.mdx" and "xxx.mdd" locate in the folder ".../app/mdict".

To make life easier, users can link the "app" subfolder to any public accessible folder.

Use the mdx scanning bookmark to add mdict engines automatically, then cold start uweb browser to take effect.

Last Modified: 2 April 2024
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