Configuration folders/files

All folders end with character "/" and others are files. All folders/files locate in "/data/data/info.torapp.uweb/files":
"css/": global css folder
"js/": global script folder
"sitejs/": script folder for domains
"sitecss/":CSS folder for domains
"bookmarklet/":bookmarklets, long pressing the "JS" button to execute.
"offline/": to save offline pages
"sbookmark/": to save super bookmarks
"sitecache/":offline cache
"longclick/": menus to appear when long-pressing hypertext (js files)
"icon/":customized icons
"app[XXX]/":html5 applications
"default.longclick": to configure menus when long-pressing hypertext.
"default.uas":user agents
"default.urls":service urls
"default.acmd":configure address bar functionalities
"hosts": for local domain name attributes, only single space is allowed to separate ip address and domain name.
"default.hosts":hosts not allowed to visit
"default.redirect":redirect websites
"default.rjs":Remote javascript
"":menus for selected text
"default.input": common phrases for user inputs
"default.gesture": to define gestures on the top part of the content window. The file format is same as
"default.gesture2": gestures on the right side similar to default.gesture.
"default.button": to re-define button pressing functionalities. The file format is same as, each line represents action from the last button to the first.
"default.button2": similar to default.button but for long-pressed buttons.
"default.filecap":custom file handling
"default.rc": check the option "custom file handling" to execute the shell script file during uweb launching. tcron provides extra cron tools.
"default.rc2": check the option "custom file handling" to execute the shell script file when uweb returns to foreground.
"": to define quick search engines (pressing right arrow button to use next engine to search). The file format is similar to but using "%s" as search keywords. If the search engine urls in "" are video urls (without %s inside), the file will make uweb browser optimized for TV watching with remote control.
"default.siteconf": to save ua, js disabling, no-image mode, forbids 3rd-party resources (js and others), active scripts, global scripts for sites. Only save the difference to default ones.
"default.playrate": fullscreen playing menu. The file format is same as Playing ratio menu items should have empty link parts such as ".5x:", at least one such menu is required. All other menus must be put after playing ratio menus.
"default.autoc": address bar autocomplete candidate strings.
"query.autoc": home screen search autocomplete candidate strings.
"home5.html": user defined home screen. home6.mht(or .search or .html), home7.mht(or .search or .html) ... multiple home screen (pressing right arrow button to visit); home4.mht(or .search or .html), home3.mht(or .html or .search) ... (long pressing left arrow button to access).
"":search engines
"home.css": html file for folder/home screen/bookmark styling, so the css code needs to be inside "<style>" elements. Each "home.css" file is responsible for the current folder and its subfolders.
"bookmark.html": bookmarks
"quickstart.html": quick start
"colors.txt": background colors
"default.css": default CSS style for domains not defined in sitejs folder
"night.css": Night mode
"bookmarklet/videoplayer.js": fullscreen video player
"types.sniff": file types for resource sniffer
"js.allow": 3rd-party resource white list. One domain per line.
"url.deny": one giant regular expression for blocked urls (java grammar). "#" to comment and carriage return (CR or new line) is ignored.
"sniff.log": resource sniffing result
"history.rec": visiting history
"query.rec": query history

"shortcut/": dynamical shortcut, if not exist, then default to "bookmark".

Last Modified: 30 April 2024
urlInc() prefers .search to .html